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Friday, February 5, 2010

Andalses to Trondheim

Day 10: Andalsnes to Trondheim: On to Trondheim, the former capital of Norway, an ancient town where much of the original wooden architecture still remains. See the Kristiansten Fortress and perhaps enjoy a chance to go for pizza and ten-pin bowling. (Breakfast included)

Hotel: Trondheim Vandrerhjem Rosenborg
Breakfast: 7:15, Bags to the bus: 8:00, Bus departs: 8:30

I woke up at 6am and was very happy to hear that the water was back on, I was not happy when I realized I had brought the wrong bag to the bathroom with me and I didn't have my toiletries. So back I went to the cabin for the second day in a row.

Whenever we would eat at camp we did it standing up, unless there happened to be seating at the campsite, which was hit or miss, and then we had to wash our dishes, which left my hands frozen for a couple hours, which was getting worse the farther north we went, but luckily we were staying in a hostel tonight and wouldn't be eating at camp.

On our way to Trondheim we stopped at the same souvenir shop we stopped at on our way to Andalsnes, here we were also able to exchange money. I got rid of my Swedish Kroner and had a pastry. On the bus we actually had some good music and some of us played "who wants to be a millionaire." At 1:30 we got stopped at a checkpoint, but Andy passed and we were quickly on our way.
At 2:00 we were dropped of in Trondheim at Nidarosdomen Cathedral. I went with Renae, Nancy, AJ and Cara sightseeing. First we went to the mall in search of lunch, but didn't find anything we wanted and ended up at a grocery store where I got a muffin. We found the Royal Palace, which is made of wood. Unfortunately it didn't open for visitors till the following day so we could only look at it from the outside.

After that we did some shopping walked to the water, and over the Gamble Bybro Bridge. We considered going to the fortress, but decided we didn't have time, so we did some more shopping. We ran into Lis and Jilly after that and Nancy and I decided to go off with them for the last bit of time we had in Trondheim, so we could get pictures of the Cathedral.

After that we were picked up at 5:00 and were taken to our hostel, I was rooming with Lis, Jilly, and Nancy tonight. Rooming with people from tour made the hostel experience less hostel like and more agreeable to me. We got our stuff ready, and ourselves ready for the pizza and ten pin bowling optional. We had no idea how the night would end up, but it was an interesting night....
We had dinner at Dolly Dimples, which was ok pizza. Even though it was all you can eat pizza you were limited to what pizza was delivered to your table or another table you could get a slice from. At 9:00 it was time to go to bowling, I played with Nancy, Caroline, Kellie and Ted. I got a 104, which made me happy since my goal was to break 100. Bowling was fun, as it always is with friends, but we decided against a second game since it was so expensive. Only one game was being included was kinda cheesy. Instead we went to the Downtown Bar, for a drink or two...

We were pretty much the only ones at the bar until 11:30, which was around when I was thinking it was getting to be time to go. But a piano player started and people started coming to the bar so I stayed. Tom told us he had never heard the song Piano Man by Billy Joel, nor Billy Joel or several other famous songs that I thought everyone had heard, he was going to need some culture! Or at least be forced to listen to some of the classics (wow, Billy Joel is now a classic!) Anyway, people started dancing, and they were pretty good. The women were dressed quite skimpily, and I'm told they were quite forward. That might explain why several of the guys picked up at this bar, which gave the rest of us some entertainment. But nothing was quite as interesting as the 2 businessmen with a very attractive woman, either they liked to share her or she was a prostitute they were splitting. She would dance (ok, they were practically having sex on the dance floor) with one guy, then she would be making out and give a lap dance to the other guy. Then she would leave with one of them, then come back, more dancing, leave again, come back again. They kept us entertained for quite some time. In the middle of all this I swear one of the women around the piano flashed the piano player, though I'm not sure it was his lucky night.

At 1:45 I decided to leave with Chris, Jacqui, Andrew, and Lis since I was getting tired and we had to walk and I wanted to do that with a group since I didn't have a clue where we were. It was bright out the whole walk, which was a bit weird, and we sorda got lost. Not so much lost as I just don't think we took the shortest way back. There was a lot of fighting over which way we should go, eventually we asked a couple people wandering around, they pointed us in the right direction, but we still ended up asking a taxi shortly after that. We would have taken the taxi, but it was 80 NKr to start, didn't fit all of us and we were apparently almost there, we just had to walk up hill. We fought some more about which way to go and if we were going the right way. But eventually we saw the hostel in the distance... It only took us 20 minutes to get there.
When we got back to the hostel there were people hanging around in the hallway talking (not very quietly, I might add), and the hallway by the mens bathroom still smelled like urine. This wasn't the nicest hostel, and the internet was VERY expensive, it was one of the few times we would stay at a place and not have half the tour online to check email. I guess since it's the only hostel in the city, they don't have to worry about competition or having high standards. I finally got to bed at 2:20. I missed the conclusion of some of the guys hooking up, but I would hear the gossip in the morning....

In all, Trondheim was a cute little city (3rd largest in Norway) and although it seemed a bit sleepy, apparently it's hopping at night.