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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trondheim to Mo I Rana via Hell

Day 11: Trondheim to Mo I Rana: We journey to 'Hell' today, before taking in more of Norway's stunning beauty as we travel past spectacular scenery to Mo I Rana for two nights. (Breakfast and Dinner included)

Hotel: Rossvoll Senter
Breakfast: 7:00 Bags to the bus: 7:45 Bus departs: 8:00

This mornings breakfast was a little lacking, just cereal and toast, Dion made a much better breakfast. But breakfast was quite interesting, with all the rumors about who hooked up last night and who left some girls apt at 4am, got lost walking back and only got back to the hostel around 6am.

On the way to Mo I Rana we made our stop in "Hell," it's not far from Trondheim, and it's basically a train station with signs saying, "Hell." This is what happens when there is an area that people go through, but doesn't actually have anything going on, they create a tourist trap. I took pictures and sent some postcards.

Our next stop was at 10:20 and our stop had a McDonalds. Normally this wouldn't excite me, but we hadn't seen a McDonalds in a while, or any other fast food place I had heard of. We had 45 minutes, I had some McDonalds fries and then found out we were supposed to be getting groceries for lunch, which was later confirmed by Che. Apparently he forgot to mention this when we were on the bus.

At 1:20 we stopped for a picnic lunch on a river, the facilities at this stop consisted of a "long drop" toilet. I decided that I should go, and learned that using one once in your life was sufficient, check! On the bus we decided to play Uno, it was Lis, Jilly, Tom, Michael and I. Due to being on a bus it was hard to arrange ourselves. Michael ended up in the back stairway. It was going well till we made a sharp turn and I almost fell onto Michael. When we had our last service stop Che told us it was the last grocery store for 2 days and to stock up.

We got to our campsite just before 6pm and right next to camp was a little grocery store (apparently this was a new campsite or something, which was why Che didn't know it was there). But this was the best campsite we would stay in, we had TV's, kitchenettes and bathrooms, all inside our cabins! Too bad the TV only had one channel, and it wasn't in English. I shared with Nancy, Lis, and Jilly again. I took a walk over to the grocery store and bought some hot chocolate, since we hadn't had proper hot chocolate (we had some cocoa powder, but it didn't taste right without milk and we didn't always have milk available). After that I played Uno with Nancy, Jilly, Lis, Tom and Michael until it was time for dinner. Two days before Che told us that our Glacier hike optional was cancelled due to the fact that the lake we take a boat on was still frozen. But tonight he found out that the lake was open today for the first boats and we would be able to go in the morning. We weren't going to have a picnic lunch since they didn't have time to get the lunches together, so we would only pay for the cost of the boat. I was excited to see the glacier, but sad that I actually had to get up in the morning. There's no rest for the weary on a Contiki Tour.

After dinner I wanted to hang out by the bonfire, but it was too cold, even with the fire. Instead I played Uno with Nancy, Jilly, Lis, Kate and Andrew in our cabin. I decided it was as good an opportunity for a Smirnoff Ice as any, 1 down, 3 to go. For some reason I took one of my rare evening showers tonight before bed.