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I'm a 30 something who loves to travel.  I have a full time job and enjoy writing (or blogging) about my travels.  I've traveled through several countries in Europe as well as Russia and Egypt.  I also enjoy domestic travel in the United States, including Disney.  My long term travel goal is to do a round the world trip.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Travel Tip - Bring Contact Information

So on my last trip to Disney World I was meeting my friend Terye at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort (I'll be posting about the resort in a week or two).  I was flying in that day and she was driving over from Tampa.  When I got to the resort I went to pull up Terye's information for check in and it was NOT in my phone, ACK!

I had recently fixed an error in my phone book and her phone number and address got lost.  I had thought to double check, but thought I had checked it already, apparently not.

I did get in contact with Terye through Facebook and email and she called me, so it worked out.  But my tip is that if you're supposed to be meeting someone on your trip, double and triple check that you have their information.

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