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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Berlin to Copenhagen

Day 32: Berlin to Copenhagen: We travel across Germany and on a ferry to Denmark for our final night in Copenhagen. Why not join your crew for a last night farewell dinner?. (Breakfast included)

Hotel: Belaegnin Youth Hostel
Breakfast: open Bags to the bus/depart: 8:30

I was up a little early this morning and after my shower went and had breakfast before packing my bag. At breakfast I spoke to Warren who said Yvette had gone out the night before and seen the Reichstag while the rest of us were at the boring bars, hmmm, I think I missed out. Before leaving we had to say some goodbyes this morning. Skye and Ted, who although fought with each other, were both very nice and each brought something totally different to the tour, I would miss both of them. Michael was also getting off here, and well, he could never be replaced, he's such a nut. This was also Warren's last stop. Bye guys!!!!

We drove till 11:45 where we took a ferry to Denmark, but had to wait till 1:00 for the 2 hour ferry. The ferry was interesting... First everyone got lunch then a couple of us went to the shop, but brought our drinks, but not our receipts. After wandering the shop and spending some of my remaining money I left. But I came out at the end of an incident. When Renae left she had her drink in her hand and got stopped for shoplifting, someone went to get her a receipt while she argued with the guy. Then someone else came out who also had a drink and brushed the guy off and kept walking, and Renae followed. As this was happening I walked out with my drink. Well Renae pointed me out, thanks. But by then he'd lost control of all of us and no one got into trouble. But it was fun to tell the story, everyone got a good laugh at us all almost getting arrested on a boat.

At 5:00 we arrived where we began a month ago, the adventure of a lifetime was coming to an end. My first thought when I saw the tank in the parking lot was how when when we left a month ago I was mad I hadn't taken a picture of it. Now my opportunity was here and I really just wanted to go back into time to when I was mad I hadn't taken the picture.

For my last night of tour I was rooming with Leah and Tania, and the atmosphere was totally different now. We had 2 hours to get ready before going into Copenhagen for the night and there seemed to be something going on everywhere and no ones door was closed, it was nice. At 7:00 we left for town and in honor of my birthday the next day Maggy played a bunch of Happy Birthday songs, Yea for my birthday! My birthday present was that I got to be an honorary Aussie for the night. Which makes more sense when you consider the fact that we were going to watch the Aussie World Cup game tonight.

We were dropped off near Central Station to get dinner before meeting for the game. I was torn tonight, there were so many people that I wanted to spend time with since it was our last night but people were going in different directions. I ended up going with a bunch of people to Central Station before going to the all you can eat pizza place, which was convenient to Central Station and our after dinner meeting location. At Central Station I bought myself a new giraffe, I named him Rasputin, in honor of the tour. Just a note - he is the actual traveling giraffe as he always travels with me. At dinner I ate with Lis, Leah and Tom, a good group for my last night, too bad we couldn't get a bigger table, but but it was crowded at the restaurant.

After that we went to a Scottish Pub to watch the Aussie Vs Croatia game, which was a tie, moving the Aussies to the next round, Yea! So I was in Copenhagen in a Scottish bar watching a game involving Australia and Croatia that took place in Germany - how international! We got back to the hostel at 11:50 and pretty much everyone stood around till midnight to sing Happy Birthday to me, how sweet. Thanks guys! But since it was cold out and most people were getting up earlyish, everyone scattered after the singing.

Everyone said goodbye to Brittany, who was woken up for all her goodbyes, Tom, Kate and Andrew who were all leaving early in the morning. Although I had only gotten to know Brittany well the last few days I would miss her, she was a nice girl with a good head on her shoulders (wow, I sound like an old lady saying that, but it is true). And Tom, Kate and Andrew had been such good friends the whole tour, all those Uno games, gossip sessions, the night I flipped out on Corey, and touring cities together. They were leaving early in the morning, I hoped I would get up to say goodbye to them, but knew it probably wouldn't happen, so I had to make it count tonight.