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Monday, December 21, 2009

Why I don't like paying to check luggage at the airport

On This Week in Travel the panel discussed paying to check bags at the airport. I think I've addressed this topic before, but I feel compelled to do it again.

Aside from not wanting to pay additional to check luggage because I don't want to pay the money, I think it's a bad policy for airlines.

1. I wasn't really tricked with your cheaper airfare cost, I add it into what the flight will cost anyway. And I'll pick the airline that isn't going to charge me additional to check my luggage even if it will cost a little more, I think that airline is treating me better as a customer.

2. Now everyone is bring luggage on the plane - it slows down boarding and de-boarding. Makes the plane more crammed with stuff that should have been checked. If I have a large carry-on it's because I have a computer and camera equipment I am not checking them and if I'm forced to because no one else wants to pay the fee to check their underwear (which I can understand) then there will be a nasty letter coming your way and possibly a loss of business from me forever.

3. People become much more crazed over boarding the plane. People were in a rush to board the plane before, now that they have to fight for overhead bin space they're even worse. It makes boarding even slower and more stressful and that atmosphere continues into the flight.

4. What about families? When there is one person traveling $15 or $25 each way doesn't seem so bad, but if you're a family of 4 or more those fees could pay for your hotel room for a night or 2, that makes a big difference.

5. When I go on vacation I like to know that certain things are paid for before I leave and I wont be paying for them when I get back from vacation, airline stuff is one of those things.

Airlines charging fees to check my bags is not going to be a final determinant of who I fly with, but I absolutely take it into consideration. If I think I can manage with a carry-on then it's not as much of a factor. But if I can get a non-stop flight without a check bag fee for a little bit more then I would be paying on another airline including the check bag fee then I will pick the one that isn't charging the fee. I like knowing that I have rewarded an airline for not adding fees (even if they don't know that I'm rewarding them, I know I am). I don't know what the price point is, it may depend on the airline, flight times, destination, or airport options.