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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center

In August I finally used my winnings from the New York Travel Show - a 2 night stay at the Fort William Henry Hotel, Grand Hotel.  Overall the stay was fine, but there were definitely some bumps in the road.

I made my reservation about 2 weeks ahead of time and confirmed my reservation the day before heading up to Lake George.  The room was supposed to be a lake view room with 2 beds.  However, when I arrived I was put into a room with 1 bed.  The most annoying part of this was that I found out when I walked into the room, the desk clerk never told me about the change.  The problem is that I was traveling with a friend who I was not confortable sharing a bed with.  I did call and inquire about this and was told that there were no rooms with 2 beds available in the Grand Hotel, only in the lower end sections.  My friend and I opted to stay in the room and each of us slept on the couch 1 night and the bed the other night. I'm not sure what happened with this, no explanation was given, nor was there any effort made to apologize for the error.  Since I didn't pay for the room I didn't push the issue.

The other bump that happened was that when I went to check out I was asked if I wanted to put the room charge of $650 on my credit card.  That lead to a 5 minute search for my gift certificate.  Not a big deal, but just another example of the lackluster customer service at the hotel.

As for everything else, the hotel was quite nice.  Our room was a little dark for my taste, but was nicely decorated.  The bathroom was large and clean.  The view was picturesque of the lake.  The pool was nice, but I missed that there was no hot tub at the outdoor pool.

The restaurant, the White Lion, was nice. I had breakfast their and the food was good and reasonably priced.  I didn't find the wait staff to be the best, but they weren't bad either.  I mention that because I have seen many complaints about them.

The housekeeping staff also did a good job.  When we called for additional sheets and blankets they came quickly.  The room was clean and well stocked.  They also never interrupted us as sometimes happens when housekeeping wants to clean rooms.

The common areas were ok, nicely decorated and clean.  But I swear the one elevator smelled a little like pee the first day we were there.

The hotel website says they have internet, but the internet was only available in the sitting area on the first floor, I'm not sure if they charged for it.

Overall, the hotel was nice, the Grand Hotel is supposed to be the nicest in Lake George.  It certainly looked like it from the outside.  But I hope their are hotels with better service.  If I returned to Lake George The Fort William Henry would not be my first choice.  I think that's sad.  I thought one of the reasons hotels offered such promotions was to bring in new customers, but their customer service didn't match the quality and price of the hotel.