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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Visiting State College and Penn State

This past weekend I went to State College, PA for a Penn State game. It was a fantastic weekend, but then I love it every time I'm in State College.

My weekend started with a delayed drive with my friend Tara (from Hawaii). I didn't think we would make it, but we did make it to the Football Eve events at Beaver Stadium (football stadium of the Nittany Lions). Tara and I easily got parking and were there a few minutes early. At Football Eve the Blue Band played and introduced some of the freshman to some of the Beaver Stadium traditions. Curt Warner was introduced and honored as he was being inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame this year. Then Joe Paterno and the football team were introduced. Joe Pa gave a motivating speech and the night was over. Tara and I however were quite hungry and went to Baby's for dinner. Baby's is a little 50 diner in town, the food is average but cheap and I've always liked the atmosphere, I always go to Baby's when I'm in town. After that it was time to start the shopping expedition, Tara and I always seem to have to visit every store twice to make sure we get just the right things to complete our Penn State clothing collections. A woman's job is never done!

We stayed at the Comfort Suites Hotel on North Atherton, it was a little outdated but otherwise an ok hotel. I do generally prefer to get a hotel room in town, but there aren't many of those. It was expensive though since there weren't many hotel rooms left when I went to book. We ended up with a "suite" - it had a couch in a separate area, though the area wasn't really separated. We did have a refrigerator and a microwave which are handy. The hotel also had a pool and hot tub as well as offering a free breakfast. The breakfast was pretty good for a hotel breakfast, cereal a variety of bread products and make your own waffles there was also orange and apple juice.

On Saturday we decided to take the shuttle to the football game, it was a good decision, though not a fun way to travel. We waited 20 minutes for the shuttle which is supposed to come every 10 minutes. We were the first stop so it took another 40 minutes to get to the stadium. The worst part was we were the last stop on the way back, but that only took 25 minutes at least. But for $6 it wasn't a bad deal. I just wish I had known how long it would take.

The game was great, the student section looked even more fun then when I was there and Penn State was only playing Akron. We won 31-7. After Football Eve and the game I remember how much I love Penn State, there is a great pride in the school and everything about it. Even the football videos who images of Old Main and other spots on campus, these are the places that every Penn Stater loves!

After the game we took a nap (12:00 games are WAY too early, and I'm not even a student!) After our nap we ate dinner at Mario and Luigi's an Italian place across the street from the hotel and it was fantastic. The salad was great, I got the Balsamic Italian dressing which was a bit oily, but there was an abundance of herbs in it giving it a lot of flavor, I don't find many places that can do that. The ravioli were freshly made and delicate and delicious. The Lemonade was fresh and delicious too, though no free refills for that. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone visiting. Then we went back to town for some more shopping and then had a drink at the Fridays by the hotel (we liked the idea of being able to walk back to the hotel after having drinks). Sunday we just did a little campus tour and went home, I miss the place already.

Some places that we didn't go this time, but I do enjoy going to when I visit. The Corner Room, an inexpensive diner type of place with good food and always a line. The Deli a little more expensive, but also has good food. If I'm staying downtown I like the Days Inn, it's in walking distance to the campus and centrally located in town.

Things I don't like - The Nittany Lion Hotel, this is sacrilegious, I know, but the place is expensive and has the worst bed I've ever slept on in a hotel. The Diner - aside from having a sticky because it's a sticky, it's a crappy diner.