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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheesy Madison and Boobs

Our first stop on the Northern Adventure was a lunch stop in Milwaukee on the way to Madison, where we would spend our first night on tour.  In Milwaukee we had and included stop at the Miller Brewery for a tour.  I've done several brewery tours, in spite of not liking beer.  The tour was above average as long as you don't mind hearing all the wonderful things about Miller.  It was very professional and educational about the company and the overall beer making process.  Plus we got free beer.

From there we drove to Madison, Wisconsin.  Sadly,  we did not get to see the city at all, but we did some cheesy american types of things.  We ate at a buffet and had drinks at Hooters.

Another room at our hotel
The buffet was very stereotypical american, large quantities of greasy and high calorie food. As I looked at the food choices I was reminded of why american's have become so obese, buffets like this are just one contributing factor.  And as I looked around the restaurant I was saddened to see sooo many overweight people around.

After dinner we went back to our hotel and for our evening out we went to Hooters, it was the only place in walking distance.  I have been to Hooters in the past, in NYC.  The wings are pretty good, and the boobs were not the attraction, though the girls were scantily clad.  I hadn't felt like Hooters was a place for guys to go and check out girls with big boobs.  And then I went to a Hooters in Madison.  First, all the girls did have large boobs, and at least our waitress was an idiot.  She was friendly, bubbly and nice, but no matter what we asked her she had to go check.  Really, she couldn't suggest a drink past a beer and a margarita, which were already at the table.  Then there were the men.  There was more then one table with a single man at it and they had long conversations with the girls.  I felt the urge to go and save the waitresses from their patrons.  I actually felt a little dirty after visiting Hooters.

I'm sorry I can't tell you anything of substance about Madison, Wisconsin.  But even a buffet and Hooters can be an educational experience if you're paying attention.