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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Terye and I visited the Osborne Lights twice during our visit.  Once during regular park hours and once as part of WDW Today podcast's Reunion after park closing.

The short story of how the spectacle came to be.  Many, many years ago Arkansas resident Mr. Osborne has an extensive Christmas light display.  So extensive that the local government made him stop putting it up.  Disney World acquired the display and now you can see the Osborne Lights daily during the holidays, it is one of the best light shows out there.

The first night we went it was PACKED, tough for me to get around with my camera on the tripod, but most of my pictures are from that night.  We did not attend the turning on of the lights, which I know can be extra busy.  But these were the coolest lights I had ever seen.  And they danced to the music, AWESOME!

The second time we went it was a private event, about 200 guests.  I didn't have my good camera, just my iphone, it was freeing  I was dancing in the streets, literally.  I had so much fun, I was sad when they turned off the lights and escorted us out.

There are a few special things within the Osborne Lights:  find the hidden Mickey's.  Between the two nights Terye and I found almost all of the Mickeys, if you use the official number.  There is always a black cat hidden (it's actually purple, but it looks like a black halloween cat).  We also found a razorback (University of Arkansas mascot), a toilet paper tree and a paper towel tree.  One of the angels is in white, to honor the passing of Mr. Osborne in 2011.

The lights are rearranged every year, so you can have a fun night of exploring every year.  I would rank this as my second favorite holiday event in Disney World.  And, it's free!  As long as you pay to get into the park.

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