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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stonehenge, a pile of rocks???

Stonehenge, a mystical bunch of rocks in some weird alignment...  Or is it just a pile of rocks?

Well I have to admit, there is a part of me that after walking around Stonehenge I did feel a bit like it was a bunch of rocks.  But if you listened to the audio tour, there certainly is more to it.  The problem. it's not that long of a walk around Stonehenge but the audio tour has a lot of information.  It was also cold and windy when I was there.

Some cautions:
It is windy there, Stonehenge is surrounded by fields and gets a healthy wind.  Not so great if it's a cold day.  Though probably nice if it's hot out. 

It is right on a highway.  That makes for easy access, and only affects the view from one direction.  It's actually kinda strange how close it is to the highway. 

The audio tour is long and descriptive.  If you just want to see Stonehenge, you could do so in a 5 minute walk, but if you want to learn a bit about Stonehenge, then expect to spend a good half hour listening to the audio guide. 

The shop at the exit gets packed with tourists.

So did I think it was a pile of rocks?  On a superficial level after walking around I did, though I would have to say it's a pile of really big rocks.  But I also know there is a lot under the ground and that the place had special meaning when it was put together.

Do I think it's worth visiting?  Yes, it is Stonhenge afterall - one of those places that every tourist is supposed to see.  But it's not too far from London, you could do a half day tour there (I think), or stop there on the way to another destination.