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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Solio Iphone Charger

Right after Christmas I got the Solio Iphone solar charger. It touted that you could have extra power for your Iphone by charging the solar charger with either the sun or your computer. It sounded great, but in the end it's a complete dud!

The first problem is that it takes around 20 hours of direct sun light to fully charge, but since you can charge through your computer I was able to get over that. I ended up never charging with the sun - winter on Long Island isn't known for long sunny days. But the device was still quite usable until it started to provide less and less power for my iphone, about 3/4 of power instead of full power.

After 3 months I charged it from my computer fully before my trip to Washington DC. While in Washington I needed to charge my cell phone, well the solio charger provided no power to my iphone.

When I returned home I sent an email to Solio explaining the situation. The first question they asked was what wire I was using - the one that came with it was my response. My next email told me that I needed the updated wire, they gave me a discount code, but I was still paying money and shipping for a new wire (which looked exactly the same as the one I had and the website link provided no information on it) for a 3 month old device. Seriously??? If the charger was a year old I could see needing an updated wire or something, but 3 months? And it's not cheap, at $80 it's at the high end of chargers prices. I was NOT happy. I packed up the charger and went to the Apple store and returned it, Apple gave me a store credit. Not perfect, but then again it was 3 months later. Now i'll buy a new charger, but will do a little more research first.

Incase you were wondering. No, I do not recommend this to anyone.