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Friday, November 13, 2009

Rockefeller Tree Lighting


Seriously, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting (December 1 this year) is an event I highly recommend NOT going to EVER. Here is why:

1. It's always REALLY cold
2. You can't see anything, well maybe if you show up 5 or 6 hours early you can get a good spot, but then you're only seeing the tree.
3. The only thing you can see, if you can see it, is the tree. Great, go turn your the lights on on your Christmas tree at home - wow, isn't it exciting! Very few people get a spot where they can see the Christmas tree (like 1,000 people), then they turn the lights on and everyone leaves.
4. The cops are really cranky! I've seen cops at all sorts of large events, this one takes the cake. Too many people come to see the lighting and there isn't nearly enough room for them and everyone becomes unpleasant. Picture crazy cops with bull horns yelling at people.
5. All those great bands and singers - most taped their performances earlier in the day or the week and are far away from the tree. The ones that actually do perform are not viewable from any of the viewing areas. If you're lucky, you'll get to see the show that's on TV on a giant jumbo tron. DO NOT COME TO SEE THE PERFORMERS!
6. It's a made for TV event, watch it on TV from the comfort of a place with heat.

So, here is a summation - it's cold, you might get to see the tree and maybe the show on a big TV while getting yelled at by the police. Oh, and it's a haven for creepy men (I'll let you use your imagination for that.) Actually, avoid the whole area that night. Come another night and see the tree when it's actually lit (not watching an unlit tree for hours then turn on and then leave.) WATCH IT ON TV!