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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tennessee Hotels

I stayed at 3 different hotels when I was in Tennessee, here are reviews of each.

First was the Knoxville Airport Hilton. It was conveniently located right next to the airport. It was a 2 minute walk from the terminal on a covered walkway. The hotel was nice, clean, the room was very large and had a flat screen TV. The bathroom was bit small compared to the rest of the room, but large enough. It's not the cheapest hotel in the area, but the extra cost is worth it for the convenience to the airport. If you're flying in late or flying out early I do recommend it. The free shampoo was really good too, I used that for my whole trip.

Comfort Inn, Pigeon Forge. Located at the south end of Pigeon Forge next to a Denny's the Comfort Inn was nice and a good value. The room was tastefully decorated, large, the bathroom was very large, the bed was comfortable, I had a balcony. Not as nice as the Hilton, but it certainly had all the amenities you would need. There was also an indoor pool with hot tub and access to an outdoor pool at the hotel next door. My only complaint was that there was not enough seating at the breakfast area, though the breakfast spread was very good for an included hotel breakfast.

Hotel St. Oliver located in the Market Square area of Knoxville, the location was great. The hotel had a lot of character; however, it was worn out. This is a budget hotel I found listed in the Moon Guide to Tennessee. For the price it was a good hotel, but it's not the type of place I would recommend to my Mom. The rugs and curtains were stained, and the wallpaper peeling, but the room seemed to have been cleaned. The mattress was comfortable, but it really needed to be replaced. Actually, the housekeeper took my towel, it was a cheap white one I had gotten zorbing and I didn't intend to take it home with me, but since I left it on a counter I thought it was odd that he would take it. I decided that was his tip. One nice touch is that I was actually shown the room before I had to commit to it, maybe I should have looked a little closer at the room. This hotel is good for a budget traveler who likes a more unique hotel instead of the standard chain hotel. But if you're a chain hotel kind of person, this is not the place for you.