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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saratoga Springs Spa

Back in December my friend "dragged" me to the Saratoga Springs Spa at Walt Disney World, I really enjoyed the experience.

The spa was a little hidden, located near the pool/dining area of the resort.  The entrance of the spa was a little odd, it was really big, it made the check in counter seem really small and like an after thought.  But once checked in the spa was quite nice.  There is a locker room downstairs, as well as an indoor pool.  I kinda wish I had a little more free time so I could have taken a quick dip in the pool.  It was December and although it was warm, it wasn't swimming warm so an indoor pool was appealing.

After changing into robes we went to the waiting room.  The room was nice, though there weren't many seats.  It felt like it should have been a quiet/relaxation room, but also felt a lot like a waiting room.  This is one area that separated it from some other spa's I have been to.  Even if I don't have much time between treatments, it's nice to know there is a room I could sit and just relax before or after my visit. This waiting room didn't feel like that and I was having 3 treatments, it was a spa day for me.

Minni's Locker
But, the staff were friendly and professional.  They seemed to really pick up on if people were interested in chatting, or if they wanted to just have quiet relaxing time (I compared notes with my friend).  My 3 treatments were a massage, facial and Mystical Forest Body Masque and Wrap. The treatments themselves were up to the standards of the treatments I have gotten at other spas.  The treatment rooms were also at the same standard.

My favorite thing was that in the treatment rooms they left you a bell.  So you could undress, lay yourself down and then ring the bell letting them know you are ready.  You just have to be careful not to knock it down before you're ready.  

I would definitely recommend the spa to anyone staying at Walt Disney World, they offer a great experience, and good treatments.  Plus, when at Disney, it's nice to get a break and relax a bit.