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I'm a 30 something who loves to travel.  I have a full time job and enjoy writing (or blogging) about my travels.  I've traveled through several countries in Europe as well as Russia and Egypt.  I also enjoy domestic travel in the United States, including Disney.  My long term travel goal is to do a round the world trip.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Love Pisa, and I'm proud of it!

Pisa has a bad reputation as just being a tourist trap - it's just a tower that happens to lean.

I'm not going to say that's not true, but I did find a certain charm in Pisa.

It's quant little town with fortress walls around it.  It gives a nice feeling of what an old Italian town might have looked like, if you can tune out the throngs of tourists.

As for the tower, it's actually quite pretty with a very clean look to it.  One thing I don't like in Italy is that the colors of the buildings (oranges and yellows) make them look dirty, but the tower was white and looked very clean.  It was such a contrast to what you normally see that it stood out the second I turned the corner and it came into my vision.  On top of that it has two matching buildings, the Baptistry and the Cathedral.
I'm not going to tell you run to Italy and put Pisa on the top of your list of things to do.  But, if you're in the area I think it is worth visiting.  If you want to go to the top though, you'll want to book that in advance.

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