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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

King Tut and family

On Saturday I went to the King Tut exhibit in Times Square. I enjoyed the exhibit, but your reaction to the exhibit will depend a lot on what you expect. I was in Egypt in 2007 so I know that all the really good stuff is still in Egypt like his mask, the sarcophagus, gold boxes that held the sarcophagus, and the mummy. They did have a nice sampling of some of the more minor pieces from King Tut's tomb and his family. I read that there were 130 pieces, and it's quite a bit of stuff, though not overwhelming. I thought it was a good amount.

The first half of the exhibit is items of his family, including the sarcophagus of his grandmother - by far the largest and nicest piece. I thought this piece was one of the best of the collection. There was also a larger statue, though not nearly as large as the pieces you would see in Egypt. There were many items from King Tut's tomb. One example of how this exhibit could be disapointing is that there was a small wooden chair, the chair is kinda cool, though not spectacular. In Egypt there was a small chair that I remember seeing, it was covered in gold and jeweles and really jumped out at you. But overall I thought the exhibit had a nice selection which showed a variety of the types of things you would have seen in Ancient Egypt, without going all the way to Egypt.

If you're expecting to see his body (it's in his tomb), or his sarcophagus and mask (in a special room at the Cairo Museum) you will be very disappointed.

Since my brother-in-law asked, I thought I would mention that this exhibit isn't really appropriate for young children. If you have a child 10 and up and they are interested in Ancient Egypt, then they might enjoy this exhibit, otherwise leave them at home.