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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stockholm to Oslo

Day 6: Stockholm to Oslo: Our route today takes us through Sweden and across the Norwegian border to the capital city Oslo. (Breakfast and Dinner included)

Hotel: Vivbratan
Breakfast: 7:00 Bags to the Bus: 7:45 Bus departs: 8:30

I woke up at 4:45 thinking it was time to get, but didn't realize I was an hour early till I got back to the cabin. Since I didn't want to wake anyone up I just updated my journal till it was time to get ready. Once Cathy got up we chatted for a while untill Leah came in, then we chatted some more until we had to go help with breakfast. The bus pulled out early today, at 8:20.
Our first stop was at 10:50 untill 12:00 at a much less crowded mall/supermarket. Then we drove until 2:35 and had a picnic lunch (since there seemed to be few traditional rest stops in Scandinavia this was common), with a lovely view of the bus! We finally arrived at the Oslo campsite at 6pm. I had slept most of the bus ride today, which is unusual for me, my cold must be making me exhausted when combined with the pace of Contiki. I missed some of it, but did get to see some of the beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers that make Norway so nice. I think Norway may be more beautiful then Austria, which I didn't think was possible.

This campsite consisted of 2 big houses (one for girls, one for boys), and a couple little cabins (for couples). Our house was pretty cool, it consisted of different rooms with either beds, a sitting area, or both. Before dinner a bunch of us hung out in Stephanie and Sara's room sitting area. Ashley and Kevin came over, Kevin convinced me to drink straight Whiskey or something. He said it would make my sore throat feel better, it felt like my throat burned off... It was chilly outside so it was nice to have a place inside to hang out. At 8pm we had a "Viking" dinner, we were supposed to eat our pork chops with our hands, but I think AJ was the only one who actually did that.

After dinner I did a bit of hand washing and then went out to the campfire to hang out. Dion brought out some marshmallows so that people could toast them over the campfire. Since I'm not a big fan of toasted marshmallows I just ate mine uncooked, mmmmmm. I ended up going with Skye to the couples cabins, which weren't nearly as nice as our house and then to Kevin's room. The guys house was nice, but ours was nicer, go girls! Everyone took a lot of pictures since everyone was out and getting to know each other. Eventually Marie started telling ghost stories from her job and I got freaked out, which was my cue to go to bed. It was after midnight, but the sun had not fully set yet.